Control & Manage Your Generator Remotely

There is a recent breakthrough in remote monitoring in Malaysia which is nowavailable publicly and affordably for the MGM Generatorsowners. This featureenables the generator owner or operator to manage their individual or cluster of generators remotely and wirelessly. This once coveted feature was only available to large companies or individuals which were willing to pay alot for it. Today however, thanks to the innovation of the software and globalization, the MGM Generator team had brought prices down to affordable levels.

The name of this module is called the Oversight Module.



The Oversight Module can be installed as a separate add-on for all MGM Generator ranges (except for the Mark 1 and Mark 2 models). This is good news for almost all of the past buyers and it shows that past buyers are not forgotten.

You will need to buy your own sim card or you can pay the MGM Generator team a yearly fee so that they can manage the fleet for you. This is totally optional because to save costs, you can do your own self monitoring. The MGM Generator team is committed to make ownership of generators as affordable as possible and that is why they jam packed all the features you can think of into a single generator.

What it could do:

  • Start and Stop the Generator using your mobile phone
  • Warn you of alarms the generator is facing such as: engine overspeed, overvoltage, overheating, undercurrent, over current
  • Comes with a CCTV module that enables you to view your genset live through the app. (you need WiFi for this feature)
  • Provides you with a report on when the genset was started and when it was stopped
  • Provides you fuel level remaining (MGM Generators have built in Fuel Sensor on them)
  • Shows you a dashboard on the summary of all your running parameters in a single screen.





The Oversight Module is available exclusively for MGM Generator past and new Owners except for the Mark 1 and Mark 2 models. They are now available as an add-on option for


1. 15kVA MGM Generator

2. 28kVA MGM Generator

3. 60kVA MGM Generator




This Oversight Module is very useful for anyone who wants to know the condition of their generator. It can be used to switch between Mains Power and Generator Power. For example, if you have an equipmentwhich you want to use the generator power instead of the Mains Power for whatever reason, then you can use the app to switch to Generator Power eventhough your Mains is still running well. These kind of applications will include running of a high powered motor which you prefer to use Generator power instead of causing a possible disruption to your Mains power.

Another example of application is if you choose to rent the MGM Generators to your customers, then you can use this module to monitor how much power have been supplied in terms of kWh and how many hours the genset has been running. It can also be used to check how much load is being put on to the genset so that you know your customer is not overloading them.

One more example is if you have your generator as a backup generator, you can simply test start the generator using the app and watch your genset live by CCTV via the app without needing to switch apps and listen to your generator humming. This will give you a peace of mind that your generator is always standing by for you.

The applications for this kind of add-on is enormous and your creativity is the only limit on what this add-on can do. The possibility is endless.


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