Business Needing Emergency Electricity Supply? – We got you covered.

There are a number of reasons why at some point you may be in need of renting an emergency diesel generator. For the most part, power outages don’t really last for very long, as the power companies usually try to get them repaired as quickly as possible. However, there are times that bad weather will take thousands of people off the grid at one time, and it will take the power companies three or four days to get everybody back up and running.

Generator Types

The types of emergency diesel generators are as numerous as the reasons why you may need one. For instance, there are diesel generators that are suited for home use. These diesel generators will keep your home powered up when a thunder storm, or tornado takes you off the grid. These smaller, more compact diesel generators are perfectly suited for keeping your freezers cold so you don’t lose the food you have stored, as well as keeping the lights on after dark.
I personally worked in the construction industry, and there are many times that I have had to rent a portable emergency diesel generator because of a main waterline break. I’m not entirely sure if it’s just the kind of luck I have, or if it’s karma paying me a visit. But these types of emergency generator situations typically happen at night, when it’s extremely cold, and dark.
These are the times when I need a portable diesel generator, or possibly a truck mounted diesel generator so I can get it into the area where it is needed.

Generator Rental

After I find, and close the valves that shut the flow of water off, I will have to dig (excavate) down to the waterline (without breaking it again), so I can find and repair the leak. At this point in time, I need a diesel generator to power the emergency lights, and any power tools that i may be in need of. The single most important thing that I need the diesel generator for is to supply power for the pump we use to remove all the water from the hole we just dug.
The above is just one example of how a portable diesel generator can save the day. When I was younger, I used to work in a factory that would rent “standby diesel generators” so if, and when something went wrong and the factory lost power, they could fire up the standby generators so they would not lose production time.
These diesel generators were typically mounted on semi trailers, which in essence made them portable, but they were usually parked close to the building, and kept on site for very long periods of time.

Backup Generator for Events

Another example where you may want to consider the rental of a diesel generator is for an outdoor event like a concert. These generators are usually housed in a trailer so they are relatively quiet, and won’t interfere with the sound of the bands, or the public address system.
You really can’t anticipate, predict, or prevent a power outage, or failure. That is why they are called “Unexpected Power failures”. The best you can do is try to be prepared for them as best you can.