Reconditioned Generators For Sale


Reconditioned generators are generators which are used outside of Malaysia but are refurbished and made good before being imported into Malaysia. We take pride in naming our gensets as Recond Gensets very carefully, thus they are very reliable.

The suitability of recond gensets are applicable to construction sites and as backup generators. Reconditioned generators are almost as reliable as a new generator but the price is significantly lower than new generators. This is especially true for Japanese generators because they generally are more expensive than chinese made generators.

Sizes Of Recond Gensets

When you are considering to buy a reconditioned genset, you should note that there is a value for money (price per kVA) which you should generally know. It is no secret that the larger the kVA of the genset, the more savings you will get when buying a recond genset.

Be sure to also read our tips on Sizes Of Generators you should get.


The Condition of a Re-Conditioned Genset

As depicted at the picture above, a recond genset may not necessarily look like it’s brand new eventhough the inside condition of it is. This is because as aforementioned, recond gensets are used gensets but are overhauled, repaired and refitted to be as new overseas so that they could be used in our country. Most of the time the condition is 80% as good as new.

While the paint job may be old, it is only cosmetic, hence it is easy to tackle. But if the engines are giving way, you will need to spend time and money to get it fixed. Hence when choosing a genset, be sure to check the condition of the engine, alternator and controller before you buy one.

Of course if you would like a peace of mind, buy new gensets. It’s as easy as that.

Alternatively, get your recond gensets from us. We provide warranty on all gensets that we sell, whether it is new, recond or used gensets.