Double Power In A Single Unit

Technology in the Genset industry has now improved to a point where you can now get reliable power or additional power without needing complicated setups. We can now provide you a 500kVA Generator with 99% uptime or 1000kVA Generator with 80% uptime. This option will come from a single type of our generator which is the Twin Power Generator.


Imagine you are in an event which only requires 500kVA of power. However, you are concerned that during your event, a blackout may occur and your customers or audiences are not going to be happy. This is applicable to concerts and if you are the host, how would you feel if suddenly the generator fails and there is total darkness when everyone is in their trance, dancing and singing away?

As reliable as a generator could be, it still runs on an engine. There are unforeseeeable circumstances where the crankshaft of the engine may break or the alternator decides to give way and these can happen even in new generators, mind you.

We have found a way to overcome this problem.

Again, the solution is to use our Twin Power Generator.

What Exactly Is A Twin Power Generator?

In simple terms, it is 2 units of generator squeezed into a single enclosure, compact enough to be transported around, and reliable enough so it doesn’t get overheated during long runs.

In more complicated terms, it involves advanced circuitry, computer controls, stabilizers and load balancers. These are controlled by our advanced Controllers.

Therefore how it works is, both generators will run together, providing you with 500kVA. When one of the generator shuts down, you won’t face any power interruption because there is still one more generator running. Your audiences can continue singing in the concert because they won’t face a blink of light happening.

More Advanced Features : Double Power

If you are happy with 80% reliability, you can opt for the Double Power option. What this means is you will get 1000kVA instead of the 500kVA which was promised earlier. This will allow you to run twice the amount of equipments and you don’t need to call in an additional generator if you discover that your power requirement has surged from your initial 500kVA. This is useful for customers that are not too sure if they will require additional power.

Flexibility At Your Fingertips

By now you should recognize the flexibility of our Twin Power Generators where it will provide you with either Reliable power or Double Power. With this, you can save money during low power requirements by switching off a generator or fire up the second generator when your power requirements increase.