Reliable 10kVA Generator Is Now Available

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Suitable For: Homes, Cabins, Workshops, Construction Sites, Telecoms Industry & Advertising Bill Boards.

Our latest arrival: The 10kVA AKSA Generator is suited for many purposes. Here are reasons why this generator would suit you if you are looking for small units:

1. Comes with 3 Phase Socket & Single Phase Socket.

What this means is that you can plug your equipments directly into the generator: whether it’s a welding set, an air compressor or your high pressure water jet to wash your car. This brings convenience and safety because you do not have to tap into the Live Electrical Terminals which would require some knowledge on electric connections. Therefore, it’s safe for the common people.

2. Comes With The Advanced Digital Controller: the DEEP SEA ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER.

This particular model is an advanced model of the many series this brand carries. It will ensure your generator is in good health and would auto shut down if there are dangerous parameters and this will protect the engine of the genset. For example, it will auto shut down the generator if:

i) There is an overvoltage/undervoltage

ii) There is an overcurrent/undercurrent

iii) The engine is running over the designed rpm or under

iv) The engine is overheating

In addition, this controller is easy to operate whereby you can start the generator by just pressing two buttons. You no longer need to turn the key to crank the engines. This DSE Controller will do it for you.