30kVA MGM Generator Mark 13 

Our 30kVA Generator being installed in customer home as a fully automatic backup generator

What Does It Do:

Increased Availability For New Operations

  • Reliable, robust and versatile generator.
  • Ready to deliver power for a next job.

Increased uptime during operations

  • Once installed on the end-user-site,
  • the generator will ready to run.

Premium resale value

  • Designed and built to last.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Longer service interval
  • Quicker and more efficient service jobs


  • The compact and robust design with integrated transport features enables faster and safer transport.

Increased Up-Time During Operation

  • Once installed on the end-user site, the generator will be ready to run ” peace of mind”operation

Why Go For A 30kVA Generator Mark 12 From Mega Genset ? 

Features : 

-Easy to use control and connections

-Tough yet powerful with lightweight steel canopy enclosure 

-Comes with control panel branded Deep Sea Electronics (UK) 

-Super silent sound with efficient performance 

-Lorry crane allows to unloading and loading the generator

Benefits : 

-Fast mobilization and easy to set-up 

-Diesel generators which means this 30kVA are electric power devices and high-performance equipment 

-It comes with battery charger 

-Get the warranty 12 months or 1000 hours of running whichever come first

-Each 3-phase MGM Generator come with this rod

– Fuel cap is rust resistant and is fitted with a fuel locking mechanism

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