There is a global energy crisis in our world of today. This problem no doubt is a setback for businesses of all concerns. The restaurant business in Malaysia is not an exception here. How can this problem affect the restaurant business?
The losses that are caused by power outages cannot be reversed; it remains permanent to say the truth. Let us face this; imagine this customer is expected to have dinner in your restaurant; and suddenly, there is power outage! The customer misses the dinner. Do you expect such a disappointed customer to show up tomorrow? Definitely not! The loss of such a customer becomes permanent.
There are also material losses as well. Most of the raw materials used in this business are perishable. Not only that, the food can get spoilt! So instead of making profit on the time taken to prepare the food; profit on the cost of the raw materials used and profit on the cost incurred on power, you end up losing everything.

The loss can also take a negative effect on the stock of your wine. Imagine you have just stocked your bar for the business of the week? And quite against the run of flow of your business, there is power outage. If there is no backup, then you are at the risk of losing your weeks? stock of wine to power outage!
A case study of restaurant patrons shows clearly that they prefer fresh ingredients. Now tell me, how do you intend to sustain their patronage if your restaurant business is not backed up by a diesel generator? No argument about it, you will lose such patrons.
Yes you may want to put up the argument that when power is restored, that you will compensate for lost sales occasioned by power outage by making more sales. Good point. Your patrons cannot eat two meals at a time to compensate for the one they missed.
Fresh beef can be refrigerated at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less for a maximum of five days. In the unfortunate event of a power outage, your refrigerator will quickly exceed that temperature. Your guess of what will happen to your entire stock of beef is as good as mine! The entire stock is doomed!
There are numerous risks in business. Most of these loses are ones that can be prevented. It is sad that in most restaurants, their power risk factor is on the high side. What is power risk? You may want to know. It is looses that are related to power outage! These loses can be prevented.
You might have been wondering why the diesel generator is recommended instead of other alternative sources of power. The facts are there; they are not hidden:

They have strength in electrical load carrying capacity. With the level of load involved in your restaurant business, you need such a reliable power back up.

Another strong point for the diesel generator is the quick response time when there is power failure. Within a space of just 10 seconds of power failure, the diesel generator comes up with power.
Diesel powered generators have proven to be the most reliable source of power during power outage. It is more economical. This alternative source is durable.
It is the only source of alternative power that meets with 10 seconds start up time coupled with high electrical load carrying capacity.