The Deep Sea Electronics Controller 

The generator control panel is a set of display that indicate the measurement of various parameters like voltage, current and frequency through meters . These meters is set in a metallic body, usually corrosion proof, to protect from the effect of rain .The control panel helps to protect your generator engine from low oil pressure, high oil temperatures, coolant level fluctuations and dangerous engine speed . It also helps to protect the alternator from circuit breaker failure and system overloads.

The Most Reliable Controller. Meet The DSE Controller 

The brain of MGM generator which controls and regulates the health of the engine and the alternator. It starts the engine according to your schedule or command, and stops the engine whenever there is a fault. Beside, it tells you to release the emergency stop button is pressed when you are trying to start the engine. It will also remind you the details that you may forget.

How does the generator control panel do ?

The generator control panel can be seen as the user interface that allows operators to control the generator, overall functions, and current status of a generator. Generators are heavy pieces of machinery and like all heavy equipment, can be prone to overheating, fluctuations in speed, and can suffer from everyday wear. Critical functions include protecting your generator’s engine by monitoring oil pressure, coolant temperature, and automatically shutdown the generator engine to prevent  damage.

How does the generator control panel works ?

Generator control panels can process and manipulate input from sensors to help provide feedback to the genset to monitor itself and manage any processes that come about.  When the generator engine begins to reach temperatures meet or exceed to temperature sensor setting, the generator could be prompted to shutdown automatically to prevent damage.