Multipurpose Large Generator

We have recently innovated a new type of large generator which is known as the compact Large Generator. The generator sizes for this container type generator ranges from 1000kVA to 1500kVA. In this page however, we shall be discussing about the 1250kVA Container Type Generators.

Our large generator is fitted onto a 20 footer container which allows it to be easily transported to different places and locations. The main strength of this container type genset is the ability for rapid deployment while maintaining reliability of the engines through excellent ventilation and quiet sounds.

Uses Of The 1250kVA Generator

This generator is suited to provide supplementary power for?power plant operations where additional power is required by the power plant to supply to a specified area. Also, power plants will sometimes need to perform maintenance, hence several 1250kVA Generators would synchronise with each other to provide a larger kVA power to its users. These kind synchronising requires a high technical know how and we have simplified it for you by programming it into your generator computers so that you just have to press a button to allow several generators to combine power to supply electricity.

Also, this 1250kVA generator can be used as a backup generator for power stations. Should the power stations fail, these generators can immediately kick in to fill the gap needed through synchronising several generators again.

On top of that, the 1250kVA can also be used as a backup generator for important institutions such as hospitals, factories and utilities.

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