Cummins: The Reliable & Affordable Engine

The Cummins Generator begins its capacity at 20kVA and ranges up above 1000kVA. And the reason why we highly recommend generators which are using Cummins is because of its wide use and is reasonably priced compared to its peers. You can rest assure that Cummins is a reliable brand because it was founded in Colombus, Indiana in the year 1919. This company had gone through the world war periods, whereby their engines were ensured to be able to withstand harsh environments. For example, the M-50 Cummins were tanks fitted with Cummins engines of 460 BHP. This shows the reliability the brand due to its applications in military operations.

In Genset Malaysia, we offer you Cummins Engine generators for rental or purchase. If you have a specific generator capacity you would like us to quote you, feel free to use the Generator Request For Quotation page.