Generator Sets For The Malaysian Navy

The Malaysian navy uses ships and vessels to patrol the coastline of Malaysian waters. Vessels usually have their own ship generators, however there are certain operations which require the Malaysian Naval Crews to work off their own boat. This requires a portable but powerful generator such as the one shown in the picture above. The generator needs to be able to be carried overboard or placed on the deck of the navy ship. One such portable and powerful generator is none other than our Eismann 14kVA Super Silent Generator.



Mobility at its prime, the 14kVA Eismann generator is electrically started and can generate 14kVA of power for 24 hours per day as long as you consistently topup the fuel. It comes with 3 phase and single phase sockets which allows the naval officers to quickly plug in equipments directly into the generator to receive power.


Reliable Engine

The Briggs & Stratton engine which powers the 14kVA Eismann generator is a powerful and reliable engine. It is designed to run continuously under allowed stress and is useful during critical times. It comes with a clear fuel indicator which uses LED to light up so that the user can see the fuel level even from a distance. On top of that, this generator can be retrofitted with an external fuel tank so that you do not need to worry about topping up fuel.


Starting System

The 14kVA Eismann generator comes with dual starting system : battery and manual hand start, which means you can manually pull the starting rope whenever your battery for starting runs dry. This is useful during emergency situations where the generator has been left idle for long periods of time and the battery had died. You can still start the generator by hand.



After analyzing several generators in the market, we find that the Eismann 14kVA Generator as shown in the photo above is suitable for Malaysian Naval forces because of its mobility, reliability and robustness where it has the dual starting system.

If you would require a generator for the Malaysian Naval fleet, contact us immediately and we will be glad to assist.