Genset For Filming Equipments Malaysia

Film makers in Malaysia require generators that are silent, portable and powerful. This is because when filming, the microphones for filming are sensitive to sound and the film directorswould not want unnatural sounds in their film. Normal generators will usually project a sound rating of about 75 DB in 5 meters and this is unacceptable in some requirements.

The solution to this problem is to procure the Super Silent German Generator series. The example in the picture above shows the compactness of a generator which has the capability to generate 14kVA. Ordinary generators will not be able to produce such output with such a compact size. More often than not, this kind of genset size will need a 1 ton truck just to carry a 15kva genset. With the aforementioned German Generator, a pickup truck 4×4 would be sufficient to carry it around. In fact you would be surprised with the photo below:



Now you know the physical prowess of the German 14kVA Generator. It is small, compact, yet powerful and can fit in a mini car such as above : i.e. Perodua Kelisa.


If you want a silent generator for film making, the above genset is the solution.

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