Power Generators For Your Bitcoin Mining


If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin Mining, I suggest you take a look at it by doing a Bitcoin Mining search in Google.

To cut the story short, bitcoin mining is using computing power to solve mathematical equations where upon solving a function will earn you bitcoin credits. These credits act like currencies in our real world where there is a conversion factor just like our USD/MYR = 4.50 at the time of this writing.


Electric Generators For Your Computers

In order for you to have a bitcoin mining rig setup, you need computers with good computing powers. These computers will require electricity to operate and your electricity bills from TNB may be expensive. One way to reduce your cost is surprisingly through purchasing a generator set. When you use more than 80% of the generator’s capacity you are using power efficiently. It is good for the engine and it is good for your costing per kWh.


Backup Generator

Even if you insist on using a TNB or Mains Power for your Bitcoin Mining, you should consider having a backup generator just in case your Mains fail. The Generator will kick in within seconds to supplement the blackout power for you. Pair the generator with a UPS system and you will face zero down time in your servers.

This will eventually allow your computers to have a longer lasting life due to prevention of abrupt shutdowns.



When you plan for your bitcoin mining operations, be sure to consider using a generator set. This is because the benefits are enormous compared to the cost. The benefit you will gain is that you will save money per kWh basis or you can use it as a backup generator.

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