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Pros and Cons of Diesel & Gasoline (Petrol) Generators

The main advantage of the petrol generator is:

– The price of gasoline mini power station (generator) will be lower than diesel in certain counties;

– Easy to operate and maintain (a large base of parts);

– The weight of gasoline generators, for often lower than that of diesel. They are suitable for use outdoors or in the country – no difficulties in working at low temperatures.

Disadvantages gasoline generator:

– Short service life, depending on the manufacturer, it may be from 500 to 3000 hours. Thus petrol generators is not rational to use as the primary power source. They can be set as the maximum standby power;

– Fuel consumption is higher than that of diesel: gasoline, the average consumption of 550gr / kW, and diesel – 330 g / kW. In other words – is more expensive to operate.

The diesel generator is designed for continuous operation with different load levels.

The main advantage of the diesel generator is:

– A stable operation during heavy use. These generators can be used as a permanent power supply system, the service life of 4,000 to 40,000 hours;

– Underestimated noise level, compared with a gasoline generator – fuel consumption is much lower than that of gasoline. A continuous operation it follows in a significant amount.

Disadvantages of the diesel generator:

– At work in the winter, the diesel has the ability to “paraffin”, and diesel fuel for low temperatures;

– It is not always justified. The difficulties start in the winter;

– The price of diesel generator petrol above;

– Field of application is narrowed compared to gasoline generator, it is less mobile, a lot of weight compensated with additional handles and wheels, but that’s not enough for a hike in the woods.

National oil and gas company Petronas Malaysia intend to develop all-round cooperation in the framework of the implementation of projects. Crude oil prices have remained high due to the ongoing increase in demand, particularly on the part of the transport sector.

In the reporting period, oil and gas companies around the world work in very difficult conditions and rising costs outweighed the profit obtained due to high oil prices.

Despite these economic conditions, the Malaysian Petronas Group received a record revenue and record profit before tax: compared with the previous year, they increased by approximately 10%.

The main reason for this is that the fuel business – it is an industry that requires huge investments, but at the same time brings even more enormous profits. And this, in turn, is one of the factors in favor of the refueling business is a reliable and long-term investments.

Methane is about half the price of propane, but the cylinder equipment by the use of methane is twice as expensive as the same for propane. This is the main reason why the propane fueling methane is much more popular, the number of which, even in large cities are usually very small.

Regardless, after what situation you decide to buy a generator, before you will be a question – and what better to choose a generator? Petrol or diesel? In this article we will give the right direction to your thoughts and explain the subtleties of the generator at a different type of fuel.

As already mentioned, the refueling business requires solid investment, the size of which varies depending on the locality, where it is planned to open a gas station in Malaysia, as well as on its scale. As a rule, the first 3-4 years to go is to achieve a zero balance, and “recapture” money invested in the development of, and then a gas station starts to bring significant income.