Fuel Consumption Of Generators In Malaysia


We receive many requests regarding fuel consumption of generators in Malaysia. Hence we created this chart to enable you to guesstimate the approximate fuel consumption of a generator size that you are interested with.

From the chart?above, you will find that a typical 60kVA Generator would roughly use about 10 liters of diesel per hour at 75 percent load.?Hence you will be able to budget your fuel expenses accordingly.


Also, you will find that the fuel consumption of a generator increases exponentially as the kVA of the generator increases which is why you should check your generator requirements carefully before making any decisions. Feel free to consult us on the generator size required so that you will be able to make more accurate decisions.

Fuel consumption of a generator is important because if you get a generator which is too small, you will not be able to run your equipment. And if you were to get a generator which is too large for your use, you will find that you are wasting fuel.

Our generators run on diesel, hence the quality of fuel can be maintained for long periods of time compared to petrol. Also there will be less likelihood of the engine not being able to start after leaving the generator idle for long periods of time due to clogging and fuel quality deteriorating.

If you require a generator whether it is for events, construction sites or as home backup generators, call us now.