350kVA MGM Generator Is Amazing And Efficient

Our genset cooling systems are designed for hot and humid weather conditions. It can withstand high temperatures while working optimally.

This 350kVA MGM Generator Has Been Fully Serviced By Our Technician

What This Generator Can Do For You ?

Indeed the roles it play insofar as ensuring the smooth running of various appliances, communication equipment as well as general habitability of homes or sites cannot at all be completely enumerated.

The supply of electrical energy is guaranteed at all times courtesy of the backup generator, the possibility of such unfortunate events happening is greatly reduced in the event of a power outage.

Our 350kVA MGM Generator  is colored in green color. Green represent natural and environment friendly. Having a green generator at your site it is best suitable.

350 MGM Premium Generator are being deliver to the customer’s location

This semi giant 350kVA are used in commercial facilities such as offices, manufacturing industries and mining areas. It is also suitable to be used as standby generators for buildings whereby the generator will auto start using the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) upon electricity failure. This ensures power continuity in your buildings.

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