Buying a reconditioned generator will save you money. Buying a used generator will save you even more money. We offer sale of used and reconditioned generators which will suit your budgetary needs. Call us now to enquire about buying a Used Or Reconditioned Generator. Please state so when speaking to our representative.

What’s the difference between a Reconditioned Generator and a Used Generator?

The answer is, a reconditioned generator is one which has an old engine but has recently been overhauled, hence the parts such as the pistons, cylinder liner, piston rings and cylinder head gaskets are all new. Being said so, a reconditioned generator should not be used right after such overhaul of the engine. When these two criterias are met, the generator would be called a Reconditioned Generator. Some of our reconditioned generators are directly brought in from Japan which are carefully selected by us before we bring it in. Hence, rest assured that you are buying a good generator from us.

However if a generator has not gone through an overhaul after running for many thousands of hours, it is hence called a used generator. Having a used genset has less reliability when compared to a reconditioned one. This is because the piston rings may be worn out, hence there may be compression leakage, thus a reduction in fuel capacity. At extreme cases, you may even see white smoke coming out of the exhaust fumes. White smoke is certainly a bad sign for the engine of the generator because it means you need to do an overhaul very soon. This is one tip all of you should take note when buying a generator. Ensure there is no white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe! Otherwise you better be sure to be buying this generator for a dirt cheap price!

Will there be problems if we buy a Used Generator from you?

This concern is totally understandable. Because of this, we provide you with warranty for 3 months for every used generator we sell. You can rest assure that this amount of time is all it takes to determine whether the generator we supply is reliable or not.

Also, all our used generators are carefully tested and serviced to ensure that it is in a reliable working condition. If not, we will not allow it to be sold to the market.

What are you waiting for? Save money and buy a Reconditioned Or Used Generator from us now!