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Genset Rental & Sales Malaysia

We sell and rent power generators to homes, business premises, farms, factories, resort and construction sites.

We had been in the business for over 7 years where our company started in 2014. Our flagship MGM Generator brand had evolved from Mark 1 to over Mark 12 over the years as seen in our Online Shop. Whether you need a Backup Generator, or a full running one for your premise, our friendly staff will be more than happy to advise you whole heartedly. We also carry other brands such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Perkins, Volvo and MTU. We occasionally will offer flash sale offers to our treasured subscribers, therefore be sure to subscribe below.

We are truly passionate in solving your power needs, hence we even created a FREE mobile app available in the Play Store and iOS App Store which gives you instructions on how to operate and maintain a generator.


15kVA MGM Premium Generator

With a silent enclosure design, it has a low noise when the generator is running, hence it is suitable for home and small office use.

30kVA MGM Premium Generator

This diesel fuelled MGM Generator provides optimum performance and friendly to environment. It also comes with a (MCCB) for extra safety of the user.

60kVA MGM Premium Generator


With built in 32 and 13 ampere sockets, the Genset allows you to plug your equipment directly into the generator without needing a Distribution Box.

100kVA MGM Premium Generator


This generators are tough which means that they can be used as a permanent source of power or moved around like a stand alone power station.

Generator for Hospitals & Construction Sites

Hospitals require backup power for their oxygen pumping machine, MRI machines and other critical medical equipments to ensure no lives are lost due to electricity failure.

Construction Sites on the other hand require a fully functional generator to act as its main power source. This allows construction equipments to run and progress can be made. It is important to choose a reliable generator and the MGM Generator is one you must consider.


Our Generators are now available for Server Rooms.

Server rooms ensures the continuous flow of data during its operation. However there are times where power failures occur due to the substation malfunctioning or during power station maintenance. As a result, the server room’s Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) will come in to provide temporary relief. Despite this, the UPS can only power the server room for 15 minutes to an hour. Hence a backup generator is needed to take over the role of this UPS. This is where we recommend our MGM Generator to provide backup power for your server room. Contact us to learn more.


We now present you our latest Innovation fresh from our R&D Labs: The 30kVA MGM Reefer Generator. This reliable 30kVA Generator is designed to be placed behind a Prime Mover truck. The new sleek design ensures easy serviceability during maintenance cycles and the size is carefully designed to ensure a nice fit behind your trucks. The fuel tank is also enlarged as much as possible to allow up to 12 hours of use. Another Good News: Our R&D team has managed to squeeze in the Oversight Module upgrade option. This will allow your office HQ to monitor the Location and monitor the Generator from afar! 

30kVA MGM Generator Mark 15 Is Now Available!!!

It is smaller and lighter than other generator in it’s class, therefore,  it provides the advantage of optimizing your valuable space.

It generators with diesel fuel power, and it is available with the super silent sound, thus it can provide optimum performance in the environment

It is reliable, powerful, and have a more stable operation. With a proper maintenance, it can last a long time.

How Does The Genset Work?

The App Created For Our Club Members & The Public

Genset Assistant iOS App. Get It Now

We are serious about the Genset Business. We’ve created our own in-house app to aid all genset owners to know how to run a generator. Generators can be dangerous. But with the right guidance, anyone can run a generator. The app also tells you the usual fault alarms and how to solve them.


The MGM Generators are versatile, upgradable and reliable.

We carefully select reliable engines, alternators and then we pair it with selected genset systems to create our own optimally tuned gensets of our own. We also have additional redundant safety items to increase reliability. This is why our gensets are different but look the same in the outside with our competitors. We are the leader and others follow.

Be Mega Genset Malaysia Membership

Genset Assistant Android App.

We want to make our customer life more easier with the existing of our new app. This application give you ‘step by step’  instruction you needed and teach you how to operate the generator before calling your local technician. Not only buy a generator from us but our customer can get more knowledge about the MGM Generator by installing this app on your phone.



If there’s one thing that we value most, it is the trust of our customers. Therefore we strive to provide more value to our customer than what they are paying for. This is the formula of our achieved results.

We have been in business for more than half a decade. Up till today, we are still there for our very first customer who got from us the 60kVA MGM Generator Mark 1.

About Us & Track Records:

Always Friendly & Available For Your Power Needs

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Latest News

Check our latest features, knowledge and experience that we’d like to share with you:

Ive had been thinking of getting a Backup Genset in my home in Rawang due to fairly frequent power failures in evenings. Had been searching online without much success and response until I chanced upon Mega Genset Malaysia and am very satisfied with their service.

Bjorn Aarvold, House In Rawang

We have 2 x 15KVA gensets and have been really happy with them. The gensets have been working fine and the service we have got from the supplier has been fantastic. Fast response and good answers and suggestions. Would totally recommend them to anyone looking for gensets.

Stephen Cronin, Cameron Highlands Resort

Very good customer service. The staffs are polite, friendly and full of empathy. Response is fast too. Highly recommend at for all customer to buy the generator from them. They are so nice when dealing with their customers. Their add-ons are very useful such as their ATS.

Dr Nirmal, Home Generator, Selangor

Excellent service quality. Called them and we got a free consultancy. I don’t even need an electrician for advice. Fast action on customer when customer got something wrong with their generator. Always got solution with all customers problem with their generator.

Kumar, Backup Genset in Balakong

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