Welcome to our latest innovation of the year. The one of its kind 28kVA Generator with ATS & Other More?Features.

The 28kVA Generator is another favorite where some users feel that they don’t need something as large as the 60kVA. This baby can power up a semi-detached house easily and can possibly be used at bungallow houses as well, provided they don’t switch on every single equipment in the house.

15kVA MGM Generator

Beautifully Designed

The 28kVA Generator is another favorite where some users feel that they don?t need something as large as the 60kVA. This baby can power up a semi-detached house easily and can possibly be used at bungallow houses as well, provided they don?t switch on every single equipment in the house.

Fuel Point

Quick & Safe Refuel

When we design the 28kVA MGM, we wanted to make sure our customers are covered at every angle. From the computer systems right up to the refilling cap, we want to make it simple, practical and safe. The fuel cap is rust resistant and is fitted with a fuel locking mechanism which prevents diesel theft. It is also conveniently located so you can access it without needing to open the generator side doors which can be an extra step and hassle.

Deep Sea Electronics


We don’t compromise in electronics, sensors and computer systems. We use the famously branded Deep Sea Electronics. It is an english brand (Made in UK) and is highly reliable. It takes care of the generator and tells you whenever something is amiss in the genset so that you do not have to worry about it.

Grounding Rod

Earthing Safety

While the 28kVA MGM Generator has a whole load of features and capabilities built onto it, we also do not want to compromise on safety. Hence we revolutionized the Malaysian Genset industry by introducing the Grounding Rod. We made sure each 3-phase MGM Generator come with this rod eventhough it adds on to our own cost. This is a convenient feature for our treasured customer to ensure the circuit will trip when there is a fault.

Grounding Rod

Wheels Option Add-On

If you need some mobility inside your home or shop area, you can opt to add-on wheels. This will allow you to reposition the generator within a short distance in your premise. Add-On Now!

Neat Design

The reason 28kVA Generator is different from others is because:

  1. It is a well built unit. It comes with an exhaust pipe closure (as seen in the picture above) so that rain water or any splashes of water will not enter the exhaust pipe unnecessarily (eventhough there is a safety design which causes water flow to drain under the generator should water enter). Its made of steel thick enough to withstand use for many years without having a hole in it.
  2. The hinge that we use on the doors are high quality which allows you to open and close many thousands of times without giving way.
  3. The base layer is thick and high so that the engines won’t be submerged in water should the ground water level increase.
  4. The Emergency Stop button is strategically located so that it is within arm’s reach if you are at the control panel.
  5. The control panel is using the famous and branded Deep Sea Electronics (UK) which is the CPU of the generator. It commands the generator to stop the engines should there be any safety parameters breached such as overvoltage, over current or engine troubles. You can therefore rest assure that this will protect your generator and its powered equipments. The older japanese generators which don’t have this system is dangerous. If a small problem like a fan belt breaks, the engine will keep running until it overheats and causes engine damage. The result of this RM50 problem (fan belt cost) became thousands of ringgit because the overheat caused the gasket to melt, cylinder head to crack, pistons to wear and more, therefore calling an overhaul. The Deep Sea Electronics system prevents all these by stopping the engine the moment a fan belt breaks, thus saving your engine.
  6. It comes with built in 32 Ampere and 13 Ampere socket so that you can connect your equipments directly into the generator without needing a Distribution Board. This saves you time and money because it offers the convenience of plugging directly.
  7. Best of all it comes with a built in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). Whether you use this feature or not, it is surely a welcome bonus to have this. It allows your house or equipments to keep having power whether you have electricity from TNB, Sabah/Sarawak Energy or any Electric utility provider. Learn more about what ATS is here. In short, it starts the genset when main electricity is cut and stops the genset by itself when mains electricity returns.
  8. It also comes with a Battery Charger. Should you leave your generator for long periods of time, you need to ensure your battery is always ready to start the engines. Therefore the battery charger will charge your batteries when you connect a 3-pin socket into your wall.
  9. Fuel is filled at a proper fueling location, not poured in through an unsafe location.
  10. More other features
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'This gorgeous but powerful machine can easily power up a semi-detached or bungallow home and create comfort for its occupants'

- Danny Lee. Buyer of the 28kVA MGM Generator for his Villa at Kudat, Sabah.
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To provide safe and easy electricity supply to our customers. Running a generator and owning one should be easy and affordable. We are here to bridge this gap. When you buy from us, we will take care of you because our new MGM Generators come with a 1 year warranty or 1200 hours, whichever come first.
1 year or 1200 hours, whichever come first. You can also send back the generator to our shop for repairs.