Generator Batteries For Cranking Your Engines

Generator batteries are required to crank the engines which will in turn start the generator. We recently identified that many customers are facing generator issues with regards to starting up a generator. 90 percent of the time, it has to do with the Generator Batteries. Here are some tips and explanation on Genset Batteries:


Engines can run by itself continuously as long as there is air, fuel and an engine that is in good condition. However, to begin this engine running process requires it to be started up first. To start a generator, the pistons will need to move up and down and a force is needed to do this work. This is where the batteries come in. The batteries’ main function is to turn the Starter motor which will then turn the engine’s flywheel, hence the engines will begin moving. The fuel line will be opened electronically through a solenoid and the engine moves continuously by itself. When this happens, the starter motor then disengages from the flywheel and the batteries will stop cranking and be charged with the engine’s mini alternator.

It can be described as the battery is providing the power to the starter motor.

Whenever our technicians come for a generator service, the battery is one of the main item for technician to check first. Battery failure is common in any generator. Therefore, it is very important to maintain your battery to avoid any issues.


As mentioned above that battery is the main integrate part which influence the functionality of the generator. Buying a low-quality brand of battery is very risky in terms of safety. Other than that, the battery life will deteriorate faster compare to better quality battery.

Better quality brand of battery may extend the life span of the generator at the same time is less harmful to your genset.