Gensets For Remote Islands

Power supply in islands are difficult to come by because the Electricity Board may not want to include them in their grid due to expensive transmission lines set up costs and low return on investment. This makes it not feasible for them to provide electricity.

Since the grid cannot help you, there is no choice but to help yourself. Power supply is the essence to development whether in business or civilization.

The solution is therefore to own a generator to supply power to your island. Coincidently, a generator in an island is also called island generator because it is seperated from the grid (no pun intended).


Which generator size should I get?

If you haven’t read our article on ‘choosing a suitable generator size‘, I suggest you read it. The basic rule of thumb when choosing a generator is to ensure you will be using at least 50 percent of the generator’s generation capacity, otherwise it would be unhealthy for the generator to run at low loads at long periods of time.

Example, if you are to use a 60kVA MGMGenerator, please ensure you will be using at least 30 amps of 3-phase power, otherwise you may be under-loading the generator.


Island Genset Purposes

Islands that require generators can be for :

1) The Caretaker of the island –

Some private islands are only meant to be for its owners. More often, they would have caretakers of the island such as security guards, maids and cleaners. For this kind of application, you can consider either our 5kVA German Generator or our 15kVA MGM Generator.


2) Resorts and Villas in the island –

Some islands are designed to be resorts which welcome tourists for recreational purposes. For this kind of applications, they would usually require more power for the bar, kitchen, villas, water heaters and air conditionings. We recommend either the 28kVA MGM Generator or 60kVA MGM Generator and we even recommend you to get a pair of them for 24 hour operation. This is because, our latest version of MGM Generators allow the plug-in of external diesel tanks that allow you to run your generators for long periods of time before needing to top up the diesel. Our latest engines are also more fuel efficient, hence allowing greater fuel savings in the long run.



Finally you should make a conscious decision on why you must invest in a generator for an island. Without power, there isn’t much anybody can do.

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