MGM Trailer Generator | 4 Wheels Trailer Generator Malaysia

Our latest product innovation of the year for 2020: The MGM Trailer Generator — A 4 Wheeled Turntable Trailer Generator manufactured in-house. This Trailer For Generators is suitable for 15kVA, 30kVA, 60kVA, and 100kVA of MGM Generators. It is suited for use in Army Camps, Farms, Construction Sites, and Navy Camps.

Have you ever wanted a generator to be easily towed around and placed it somewhere for temporary use and then come back to pick it back up at a later time?

If YES is the answer, then you have come to the correct place. Our trailers are custom designed and meet military specs in Malaysia. You can choose between 2 wheels and 4 wheels. Our trailers also have the ability to have signal lights, brake lights, and reverse lights, Our design are suited for MGM Generators which are reliable.

As seen in the photo, a BMW X6 is capable of towing the MGM Trailer Generator. This is suited to be used in an enclosed area such as a large construction site, army or navy camp and a farm. It can provide you with electricity from 15kVA all the way to 100kVA.

Benefit of Trailer Generator

The main benefit of a trailer generator is so that you do not need to park a lorry or truck together with the generator while it is in use. You can simply tow it to the required area, release it, and drive the vehicle off. If you need a fleet of Trailer Generators, one vehicle can take turns to tow 3 or 4 MGM Trailer Generators while still keeping the vehicle free after delivery of the Gensets.

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