Generator For Cabin

We provide generator sale for cabin site offices that do or do not have power supply from the main incoming (TNB). This is done through a series of ATS connections or direct connection. Site cabin offices are often located ta construction site that are built from zinc sheet or using a 20 footer container with in built wiring and electrical appliances . This includes the lights, air conditioning and windows inside the cabin office. More often than not , there are not electricity at such locations . Therefore a diesel generator would need to be procured so that electricity supply can be supplied to the cabins

Generator size

The generator size would vary depending on the requirement . If you have several units of air conditioning inside a 40 footer container office , you would need at least a 60kVA genset . This is a typical size for construction site office. However if you have more equipment to power , the next reasonable size would be a 100kVA .

If you only have a 20 footer container with one unit of air conditioning you can consider a 30kVA generator. This should be sufficient in most cases unless you have additional power tools to power outside the cabin.


Generators are meant to be robust and versatile, hence our MGM Generator series fit this requirement because we carefully choose reliable engines and fit it with quality components to ensure long lasting use while ensuring safety features to be in place.