We provide Power Generators for chicken farms. These farms have motor pumps, blowers and residential quarters which require power and our Gensets are suitable to be used here. Our gensets come equip with sockets, MCCB, bus bars and Shunt Trip Coils which enhances the safety of the user.

This is our newest customer who bought 25kva generator from us for chicken farm usage. This customer actually did survey few brands of genset and also did went to few company to view their genset. When he came to our warehouse for genset viewing, suddenly he said that “Ok, I will take this 25kVA MGM Generator for my chicken farm.”

It is also very shocking to us when we hear that he wanted to straight cash and carry the genset. After talking to the customer only know that he had been surveying genset for his farm. Glad that he mention that our genset is perfect choice for his chicken farm. That’s why without any hesitation, he bought our genset. That shows that our MGM Generator is the perfect choice for chicken farm, our generator not only suitable for factory, hostel or construction site but also can be use for chicken farm

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