Silent Gensets For Sale

Now, it is possible for you to own a silent generator which is still affordable and fully functional. Introducing the new MGM Generators which are silent, robust and versatile thanks to their R&D which they have invested over the years. From the way we look at it, as users, we want simplicity while maintaining functionality. The MGM Gensets are able to squeeze in an Automatic Transfer Switch, two units of 3 phase red sockets (a.k.a. Commando Sockets) and one single phase 3-pin British socket. These are the outputs from the generator on top of the usual 3 phase output. These two functions alone has made the MGM Generators stand out from its peers.

On top of that, the MGM Gensets come with built in computers that enable it to turn on automatically at specific times of the day for the specified period of time. This is useful if you would like to power up your pumps or sprinklers in your home or farm at specific times of a day.


New Features

The MGM Generators now have the remote start capability. What this means is that, the generators are able to be switched on just by the flick of a switch (no pun intended). Therefore you do not need to walk all the way to the generator if you are situated at the kitchen and would need power supply. This allows you to place the generator far away and not needing to walk there to start the generator.


Silence Is Golden

Finally, the most important focus of the MGM Generator is in the sound attenuation. The generators are designed from ground up and is therefore able to redesign the canopy and place sound insulators at specific points of the canopy to absorb the noisiest part of the genset engine. The result is remarkable because we were able to reduce the noise level by a whopping 30%!

You will need to see it for yourself at our showroom to believe it.



If you are looking for a silent generator, look no further! The MGM Generator is the most value for money generator that money could buy. It is silent, versatile, full of features and requires minimal human intervention. Get yours today!


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