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Generator For Holiday Resorts

When tourists and customers go for holidays, they expect to live comfortably while enjoying their time in wherever they are. This is especially true when they stay in holiday resorts. The basic need of a holiday resort will be lights and fan if not air conditioning, heating and chillers.

This is where a power generator comes in. If you have Mains power in your resort (means TNB or SESB or Sarawak Energy available) then you should use our MGM Generator as a Backup Generator. If you are to use the generator full time, then get at least 2 units for 12 hour running each per day.

The power requirement of a holiday resort will largely depend on the type of equipments it has. Some type of resorts rely on air conditioners, heaters and other power hungry equipments, hence a large generator is required. This is typically around 60kVA to300kVA depending on the amount of rooms, chalet or cabins they have. Others however, rely on the cooling effects from nature due to their vicinity to the forest which gives natural ventilation and temperature cooler. As a result, power requirements are much lower. ]


Cabling Works

When you own a resort, you do not want generator noises to be buzzing in the background while your customers are fast asleep. Therefore you should get either a generator room or one of our silent canopy generator sets. While the manufacturers try as hard as possible to reduce the engine noise, there will always be residual noises. Hence one of the techniques used is to build a sound barrier around the generator or to place the generator in a further away vicinity. As a result, be prepared to lay cables further away.



Fuel transportation for your generators is something to be considered when you plan to use a generator in your holiday resort. You should good roads to your fuel tank and generators. And yes, you should get a fuel tank if you plan to rely 100% on generator powers in your resort. Some use toyota hilux to transport their fuel inside the area while others just use a lorry.


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What’s next?

If you are considering a generator for your resort, feel free to contact us so that we can help you choose the correct generators for your resort. You can start by checking out our 15kVA, 28kVA and 60kVA MGM Generators.

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