Power Generation For Estate & Farms

Our generatorsare ready to be deployed in estates all around Malaysia whether East Malaysia or West Malaysia. The type of gensets that are used in estates are needed to be robust, whetherproof where it can withstand extreme heats and able to run in relatively tough conditions. The MGM Generators are the most suitable for the job. The following are the type of estates which have previously used our generators:



Palm Oil Estates

In Malaysia, there are plenty of palm oil estates. As such, most do not have grid power and are not connected to the Mains Power. Hence the source ofpower is usually througha generator. One of the most suitable generator size for such application is the 28kVA MGM Generator. This is the medium size generator which is not too big to waste your fuel consumption, nor too small to not provide you with the required power. This generator can provide electricity for office cabins and a couple of power tools such as electric saw or kitchenware equipments such as fridge and freezers. At night, it can power up cabins for those who live at the estate. However, we always recommend our customers to run their generators at 12 hours per day, hence for 24 hour usage, we would highly recommend for you to get 2 units of generators. The MGM Generators are capable to run 12 hours per generator and automatically switch to the next generator without human intervention. It can even have an external fuel tank installed and connected via the dedicated External Fuel Tank Port at the Premium MGM Generator series.



Rubber Estates

The second kind of estate in Malaysia which is most popular are the rubber estates. These estates also have similar characteristics as the palm oil estates where they do not have grid power. Hence you will need off grid power such as the MGM Generators. Again, the size of the generators would depend on the usage of that particular estate. The range of sizes provided by the MGM Generators are the 15kVA MGM Generators, 28kVA MGM Generators and 60kVA MGM Generators. To make it easier on your decision making, contact us and let us know how many Amperes of power do you require so that we can estimate the right generator size for you.




When you are choosing the suitable generator for your estate, ensure that you select one which can withstand the harsh conditions such as good steel quality work to prevent it from rusting easily. You should also check that the engines are serviced at regular interval due to the harsh conditions which may be dusty due to frequent cutting of trees. If you do choose to obtain MGM Generators, they are designed to be manufactured in better quality. The air filter is larger and more efficient to withstand such conditions.


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