Generator Pair With Solar Power

Generators in Malaysia can now be paired with solar panels to create a hybrid solution for you. This is done whereby solar power electricity is generated to feed the load. When the load exceeds the solar power’s generating capacity, the genset will auto start itself to supplement electricity.

Through this hybrid system of genset with solar power, customers can enjoy savings in electricity costs. This application is suitable in off-grid sites, construction sites and rural areas.

The components involved in this kind of application include solar panels, inverters, batteries, a generator and an automatic transfer switch. Suitable sizes for these kind of solar panel generator hybrid systems are:

i) 15kVA MGM Generator

ii) 28kVA MGM Generator.

Generators which are larger than the above mentioned sizes will find the needed investment to be too significant to be worthwhile. This is because a large amount of solar panels will be required and large amount of batteries too. Batteries which are required for solar panel energy storage would be theDeep Cycle Battery type of batteries. These are expensive batteries which can charge and discharge many times without degrading its life cycle.


MGM Generators

Earlier we recommended the 15kVA and 28kVA MGM Generators for a reason. The MGM Gensets are versatile in functionality because they come with built in Automatic Transfer Switch and battery charger socket which the genset can use to charge its batteries and ensure it can start during emergency periods. In addition, the two sizes are suitable to pair with a viable amount of solar panels which will not burn a hole in your wallet.

Also, the MGM Generators come with external fuel tank ports where you can plug in an external fuel tank so the gensets can run for extended amount of hours, depending on your fuel tank size. This is useful for rural areas where diesel fuel is hard to come by and you don’t need to keep refueling the genset because you will need skilled workers to do so. With the MGM Gensets, the makers have designed the gensets such that no human intervention is required. Therefore from refueling to the automatic starting of the genset, no human is required to provide the users with electricity.



If you intend to go hybrid with a solar panel and a genset, look no further because you ought to pair your solar system with the MGM Generators. Get yours now at the purchase page.

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