Truck Generator With Telegram Switch

Latest innovation from our GenLabs : You now have the ability to switch on the MGM Generator that you own from inside the truck cabin itself through our state of the art Telegram Switch. In other words, with the flick of a switch, you can turn on or turn off the generator located at the back of your truck or Prime Mover without needing to get down from the truck.

This technology is useful for Prime Movers or Trucks that are powering reefer containers which has built in refrigerators in it. Moreover, you can also use it for trucks that require air compressors for your aqucultures such as fish, prawns and other seafood entities.


How Does The Telegram Switch Work?

By now you may be familiar of how our MGM Generators work. If you don’t, visit

The telegram switch is a 30 meter long cable which is connected to the generator. It has a switch attached to it. From the switch, you can turn on or off the generator just by flicking the switch.


What Benefits Does It Give To Truck Owners?

Truck owners have limited deck space behind their vehicle. The larger the generator, the less cargo it carries or for Prime Movers, the generator may not even fit to the Prime Mover unit. Hence, the genset size would need to be as small as possible yet powerful enough for the power required. One such generator which may be suitable for your use is the 15kVA MGM Generator Mark 5. Its size is 1.8m x 0.8m x 1.15m which is considered a compact generator yet packed with full of features. This generator can power most reefer units and can also be used for emergency power or even the truck cabin’s external air conditioning unit which is great for reducing diesel consumption for air conditioning within the cabin rather than switching the engines on.



If you require a generator for your truck, get the 15kVA MGM Generator today. It comes full of packed features such as the ATS, Sockets, Battery charger and more. You can immediately plug the reefer sockets into the generator without needing to connect the cables one by one such as those who use ordinary standard generators.


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