Generator Shut Down At Continental Tyre Malaysia

We recently performed a power supply during a factory power shut down at Continental Tyre Malaysia in Selangor. During this time, we had to work closely together with Continental’s engineering team to ensure smooth power transition before and during shut down. This is not the first time that we perform factory shut downs, where we had previously done for various semi conductor companies such as Western Digital.


What Is A Factory Shut Down & How It Concerns Generators?

A factory shut down is a period of time of the year where the factory performs maintenance towards its switchboards, distribution boards and transformers to ensure they are well serviced so that they will perform well throughout the year or before the next scheduled shut down. They are also important where factory upgrades can be performed, for example if the factory requires installation of a new transformer unit.

During the power shut downs, the TNB substation will have its Mains cut off and there will be no power supply to the entire or partially in the factory. Hence, a generator will be needed to supplement the gap during which the shut down is performed.

Most likely, generator(s) will be required to be rented and we specialize in such genset rental services.


What Kind Of Services Do You Provide During Factory Shut Downs?

We will assist is any way we can during a factory shut down. This includes installation of the generator at site which involves pulling cables, providing diesel, providing advice and ensuring that the generator runs smoothly during a shut down. We will normally come for site inspection before we undertake such jobs to ensure that we coordinate with the customer smoothly and that there will be smooth transition during and after the factory shut down period.


Continental Tyre, Selangor

Our recent shut down at Continental was carefully planned and executed. Factories which require a factory shut down are more than welcomed to have us submit our competitive quote for you. More importantly however, is that we will get the job done if it is passed on to us.



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