Reliable Japanese Engine Brand – Isuzu

Good news to all Japanese generator lovers in Malaysia : We now supply Japanese Isuzu Engines from the JE493 series to be coupled with reliable alternators. Hence if you are looking at reliability while wanting to pay less than the european gensets counterpart, look no further! The Genset with the Japanese Isuzu engine is now available.

Generator Sizes

The genset sizes available for the JE493 series are : 25kVA, 30kVA and 40kVA. They can be customized with Automatic Transfer Switches, remote monitoring and Genset Running lights as an option


One of the main plus points of this generator is its reliability. It is a mature engine which has been long in the market, hence it has been through tough times and improved over and over again until it is what it is today : reliable. Every component of this Isuzu JE493 has been improved over the years such as the fuel pump, fuel lines, piston rings, joints and more which are too many to be mentioned.

Where To Buy

We are one of the few suppliers of this engine in Malaysia, hence you can contact our office to make a purchase should you require it. You can also request for the specifications.

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