Ultra Portable Geko Generator That Fits In A Kelisa

We now supply Ultra Portable Generators that are both powerful and small. This class of Generator is ideal to those who have space constraints while needing a reasonable amount of power for your home or factory.

A lot of people are curious on how to deliver a 14kVa generator. Should I order lorry ? Usually, the size for 14kVa is quite heavy and bulky, but GEKO 14kVa is totally different and much better from my expectation. Actually, with GEKO 14kVa, you do not need to spend much on delivering. This is because you can save the money by collecting yourself with any vehicle. The above image shows how we handle well the generator. It even can fit a small Kelisa!

The customer is using Kelisa to take GEKO. It is very lightweight and convenient to be taken anywhere. The size of the product is not too big with the measurement of 820 x 440 x 580 mm. It is very suitable for any user such as home party, outdoor small event, small construction site and much more.



GEKO 14kVa is a new product and it is reliable to be used in any occation. You just send us an email or whatsapp us on your enquiry, our consultant or admin will contact you shortly.

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