1. Membership

1.1 Membership is free. Only individuals above the age of eighteen (18) may apply to be a member. An eligible individual may apply to us to be member of the MGM Loyalty Programme. You shall register your account’s details as a Member with us by following the procedures set out in the checkout page or my account page.

1.2 As a member, you will be able to enjoy the benefit set out by the MGM Loyalty Programme.

1.3 Except as otherwise expressly prohibited or limited by applicable laws, we may amend, update, modify or supplement the rules in connection with the MGM Loyalty Programme from time to time. Such changes may affect the value of the points or the ability to use it on certain products.

2. MGM Points

2.1 MGM Points are earned through purchasing products in the website. Currently MGM Points is set at 1 point equivalent to RM0.10. For first time purchase, member will received 1000 points (RM100) as a first time purchase reward.

2.2 When members make their second purchase through the website, MGM Points are auto redeem based on the points available in their account during the checkout process. Members will received discounts based on the points redeemed. Points redeemed by members and have successfully made a transaction cannot be used to redeem by members again.

2.3 The maximum redeeming threshold value (Discount) for Order is 15%