This is one of the most famous accessories equipment that customers will purchase for their generator which is the Automatic Voltage Stabilizer. Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVS) is an electronic device which responsible for correcting the voltage of the electrical power supply. In the event of long time over voltage, it will lead to damage of the equipment; while long time under voltage will cause malfunction and computation errors of the electrical & electronic equipment.

How can this AVS helps in stabilizing?

The power supply will fluctuate very frequent. Every electrical equipment and devices do have a working voltage limit/tolerance. Some equipment is built to tolerate ±10% of nominal voltage while others ±5% or less depending on sensitivity. Therefore, AVS is used to make the output voltage feed the equipment such as home appliances to be equivalent with the ideal electrical power supply. If the output voltage is below the nominal voltage, AVS will help to increase it in order to have an equal amount of the current and vice versa.

The correct operation of electrical and electronic equipment depends on the voltage accuracy and stability. The advantage of this AVS is the accuracy of output voltage regulation, high tolerance to system overload and faulty and relatively inexpensive. By having this AVS, no more worries.

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