Generator For Country General Elections

During Malaysias General Elections, there were occasions where electricity blackouts occur at polling centres. During Vote counting, it is absolutely vital to have electricity for lights so poll counting work can be done. This is important because the whole country depends on the validity and authenticity of the vote counting to determine the future leaders.

In Malaysias 14th General Elections held on the 9th of May 2018, there were several electricity blackouts that occurred, for example in Port Klang due to the overuse of electricity that may have caused fuses to blow.

Backup Generators Are Needed

The solution for these kinds of blackouts is to have backup generators. These are huge generators such as 500kVA or 1000kVA that are parked nearby to be used as Standby Generators in case the substation of the Tenaga Nasional Berhad fails. When it does, the backup generators are immediately connected into the substation to supply power to the neighbourhoods surrounding areas.

Accessories And Preparation For Backup Gensets During General Elections

It is our job to ensure that the Backup Generators have the necessary accessories that come together to ensure smooth and safe operation of the Generators. We are well trained in this aspect because we ensure that we have cable shields that allow vehicles to pass over it and we also ensure our cables are large enough in size to cater for the high amperes that is required to supply power for long periods of time. Our staffs are professional and trained to ensure electricity supply is stable, safe and continuous. We also ensure that fuel is frequently refuelled when needed by our supplementary support team.


In ensuring that electricity supply is reliable and if you want a company which provides good response to emergencies, you should contact us due to our track record and experience.

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