Use The Optimum Generator For Your Needs. Do Not Overpay.

Before you decide to buy or rent a generator, you need to find out what generator size do you need. To answer this question, it usually takes an electrician, a consultant or at least an experienced person to tell you how to do it.

Today I will tell you a simple method so that you too, can find out which generator size you should get.

List Down Your Equipments

The most systematic way to calculate your power requirements is to list down in a piece of paper what equipments do you want to run. Once you have done so, you need to find out what are the total Amperes that you require. Once you have this information at hand, you can then estimate the generator required. For example, if the total Amperes that you require at your home is 18 Amperes, single phase, then you know that using a 6.5kVA German Generator would be sufficient for your need.

Example of how you can list your needs are below:

Another High-Tech Method

If you were to observe the first picture above, you will discover that we were using a tool to measure the Amperes usage of a particular premise. This is called the Clamp Ammeter. This device is able to ascertain easily the amount of Amperes that is currently being drawn at your factory, home or office. As a result, you do not need to calculate each and every device at your home. Bear in mind that it does require some skill to use this item and it could be dangerous if you do not know how to operate and connect it securely with your switch board.


In the end, you can choose to become Mr DIY or choose to engage a consultant to do the calculation for you. Alternatively, if you require a generator, we can ascertain this for you for FREE. Call us now for a FREE quote so that you can decide for yourself if you should get a Backup Generator or a Full Running generator for your premise.