Linz Alternators Malaysia – Why It’s Reliable

Linz is an alternator which is made in Italy. There are no Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for Linz alternators because their policy is to manufacture at only one location in the world, where their plant is located in Verona, Italy.

Their manufacturing process is detailed to the size of the screw where they had done extensive engineering research to ensure their alternators live up to their rated capacity of alternators. In addition, their materials used are high purity in copper and their metals used are hardened steels which can withstand high temperature and vibrations. Quality control is good because the production is mostly automated.

How To Identify Linz Alternators

As shown in the photo above, Linz alternators have a distinctive Linz brand hard stamped into its body. Their range of products are from 5kVA all the way to 1500kVA.

Why should you consider Linz alternators in your Generators?

The answer is, if you want peace of mind, get an alternator which you can be certain of quality. This is where Linz is part of your option because it is purely and solely manufactured in Italy. Unlike other alternator brands which have multiple manufacturing plants such as in UK and China.

Support Of Linz Alternator In Malaysia

You may contact us to obtain your Linz Alternators and obtain support directly in Malaysia.

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