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Turbine Gensets Malaysia For Combined Heat Power (CHP)

Turbine Generators are used to produce electricity through gas combustion or steam to drive the turbines. They are a new ball game altogether in the Gensets industry in Malaysia. The turbine fans spin to generate electricity and the excess heat is channeled to boilers so that they can be used for other processes within a factory. Usually, one would use a heater to boil water because heaters are cheap. However, heaters are power hungry, hence the electricity consumption is too high for it to be of economical use.

Main Uses

Turbine Gensets in Malaysia are usually used in Glove manufacturing plants, Palm oil processing plant, sugar refinery plants and oil & gas installations and refineries.

Therefore manufacturers who have access to natural gas would purchase boilers just for this purpose. While the use of boilers are more efficient than using electrical heaters, they are still not as efficient as using the Combined Heat Power of Turbine Generators. This is because the efficiency of using a Turbine Generator combined heat power can achieve efficiency of up to 90%.

A usual combustion engine generator can only convert up to 39% of fuel energy into useful energy, which is electrical energy. Therefore there are huge losses in energy if you do not opt for a turbine generator.

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