WOW! Have you seen a generator on a lorry? Do you know why?

The purpose of this generator is not supplying power to the lorry. It actually supplying the power to the reefer container. A reefer container is used to transport temperature sensitive cargo. This kind of container require external power supply in order to operates.

In our daily life, we seldom seen a lorry taking a generator. In highway, we usually see big container which shipping all the parcels and goods to another place. In Mega Genset, we usually supply generator for prime mover lorry.

Why They choose Mega Genset?

You can find a lot of product in Mega Genset. Most importantly is the design of the generator. It is more user friendly and easy to operates the generator. Other than that, MGM Brand generator will always upgrade and do some improvement. They take serious consideration on customer feedback. In Mega Genset, we provide the best and affordable price to our value customer with top standard of product.

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