1000kVA Generators are suitable for factories and shut down purposes. We provide sales and rental for 1000kVA. Contact us if you have any enquiries.

What Is It Suitable For:

Server Room:

This generator can be used for server room backup system so that it will provide backup power whenever there is a blackout. Server rooms usually use battery power as backup. Our 1000kVA can pair up with your existing UPS battery power to provide a more reliable source of power

Construction Site:

Construction sites may require large power such as cement batching plant. Therefore our 1000kVA is suited for these kinds of application.

Industrial Generator:

As mentioned earlier, factories and manufacturing plants will require large generators, hence the 1000kVA is suited for this.

Location Of Coverage:

We cover the entire Peninsula Malaysia such Ipoh, Petaling Jaya, Kemaman, Kuantan and more.

Instead Of Renting, Why Should You Buy:

Buying will save you money in the long term. If you are using it as a backup generator, you most likely should buy. Contact us to find out more.