Thermal Powered Generator

Thermal Powered Generator are generator that powered by gas or diesel as the fuel. Both gas and diesel have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural Gas is commonly obtained through drilling. The gas is available through pipelines and can also be purchase in cylinders. The advantages of using natural gas generators are:

  • Cleaner energy
  • Less expensive
  • Does not produce strong odours
  • Does not need fuel storage

Since natural gas can be obtained through underground pipelines, hence no fuel storage is needed. Besides, the burning of natural gas will not produce strong odour and smoke to the environment. The natural gas is also a less expensive fuel as compared to diesel or petrol. Lastly, natural gas is a cleaner energy with its lesser emission of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

However, the advantage of the natural gas is also its disadvantages. Since no fuel storage is needed, therefore the generator is unable to obtain natural gas from the pipeline if the flow of gas is temporarily interrupted. Natural gas is also a gas which will is highly flammable and will cause explosion if something happened to the pipelines.

Diesel Generator 

Diesel Generator is the most common backup emergency power. It normally consists of an diesel engine and an alternator to turn chemical energy into electrical energy. The advantages of using a diesel generator are:

  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Steady power supply
  • Reliable
  • Longer lifespan
  • Low maintenance cost

Diesel has a higher fuel efficiency than natural gas therefore it can produce more power than gas for the same volume. Furthermore, a diesel generator can produce a steady power supply which is very important for it to be used in hospital where a constant power supply is needed to power the medical equipment. A diesel generator is also a more reliable generator to be used. It can generate electricity using the diesel from the fuel storage hence it can still be functioning in a extreme environment. Besides, a diesel generator has also a longer lifespan as compared to a natural gas generator. Lastly, the maintenance cost needed for the diesel generator is lower as compared to other generators.

The disadvantages of a diesel generator are:

  • Higher initial cost
  • Not portable
  • Noise
  • Pollution

The price of a diesel generator is higher than that of a natural gas generator. However, with its lower maintenance cost, the user can save more money after for maintenance. Besides, the size of a diesel generator are commonly bulky and heavy hence it is not portable to move around the site. Next, the operating noise of the generator is higher than that of the other generator. Lastly, the burning of diesel will cause heavy pollution to the area, hence it is not environmental friendly.


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