Inverter Generator

Inverter Generator is a newer type of generator, it has electronic upgrade. There are big difference between this generator and traditional generator. For inverter generator, the engine speed is not constant, rather it is depends on the required load and adjust its engine speed. This is different from traditional generator that always run at the constant engine speed.

Why Inverter Generator?

Inverter Generator has a lot of advantages over traditional generator.

Due to the characteristic of this generator, it tend to be more fuel efficient. Due to the speed of engine depends on the load, the engine speed will slow down if the requirement of the load is low. This will saves energy and fuel.

Next, the noise produced by the inverter generator is much lower. Based on research, most of it will produce noises that is less than 60 dB. This is due to the engine that is operate in a slower and much steady pace. Furthermore, the design of inverter generator contain noise-reducing enclosed casing, also mufflers to absorb the noise.

The next advantages is inverter generator is much more lighter than traditional generator due to the smaller fuel tank. Besides, most of the portable inverter generator are really mobile, they are designed with carrying handles and wheels.

Best Choice for Camping

Tent under a tree

Portable inverter generator is the best portable generator for camping. Camping doesn’t consume a lot of current, inverter generator is able to adjust its engine speed to a slower pace, thus more fuel efficient. Next, the noise produced will also be decrease due to the slower engine speed and noise-reducing design. The most important is its mobility, the design of portable inverter generator allows it to be carry everywhere. This is why portable inverter generator is the best choice for camping.

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