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There is always upcoming project without any proper preparation support and miserable list thing-to-do but they want everything’s perfect . Most of the time ,they forget that obtain a genset is a must. Fans, air condition, any device in the events need a sufficient power ,a backup power really a need to ensure guests/customers feels comfortable when there is power outage at that place . Contact us for any inquiries

A  125kVA generator can support a large sources of power where it suitable for planned event, a massive house and even for construction sites that need power for 24 hours per day .

These 125kVA generator comes with cooling system are designed for hot and humid weather conditions. It can withstand high temperatures while working optimally where it really suitable for construction sites also .

Mega Genset Malaysia provide a free consultation if you have more question about this generator , even if you need a 125kVA generator for rental instead of buying but to choose right size is A MUST !

125kVA MGM Premium Generator Mark 12 (diesel) ; Benefits/Features Having This Generator 

  • fast mobilization due to easy to set-up
  • Tough but light-weight steel canopy enclosure
  •  friendly environment generator
  • Comes with auto transfer switch
  • Extremely quiet operation

Instead Of Renting ,Why you should just buy this versatile 125kVA generator ? 

Buy a generator is always a very good investment in a long term. This allow you for having a permanent backup generator and you will save a lot of  money  having this generator now  because our 500kva generator comes with a very low price. With a backup generator in a place , production and operation can continue as usually even in times of emergencies

This 125kVA Generator need from Mega Genset Malaysia Today 

If you need a great generator with a great price , Mega Genset Malaysia is the right choice . Our company with our brand MGM generator will never disappointed our customer .

and if you need assistance in buying used generator or rental generator we also can help

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