MGM Generator Mark 12 Rental & Sale| Miri Sarawak

Our MGM Generator is colored in green color.Green represent natural and environment friendly.Having a green generator at your site it is best suitable and also our genset cooling systems are designed for hot and humid weather conditions. It can withstand high temperatures while working optimally.

Managing office or store in Miri, Sarawak ? Do you need a portable genset or a huge power genset fro you construction site ? Are you looking for new or used generator for sale in Malaysia ? The answer is always “YES” to all these things , you come to the right place !


There is a lot of thing you must consider either to buy or rent the generator and also the sizing, specification and price . Rental is a good decision if customer wants to use the generator for a short term usage such having a small events for a couple of days . Rent the generator will save your budget on the generator.

Our company, Mega Genset Malaysia always prioritize our customer needs and wants . Less maintenance for doing a rental from us because before deliver , our technician will do meticulous checkups, routine maintenance and an update on the parts , if necessary . we also have a various type of generator that available for the customer to rent. Whether you need ultra portable or a hug power generator , the right company which means Mega Genset Malaysia can offer the attractive and low prices. Other than , we also do service in many area .

So, dont hesitate we provide everything on the genset such as service maintenance, providing installation and selling the spare parts , do come and join other to rent the generator.


There is no best time, it can be done anytime, and power failure can be anytime and a backup generator should always in standby time. Generator can keeps your refrigerator running, with a cold freezer and refrigerator through a storm, you save the money and maintain emergency supplies by saving food. Standby generator have a longer runtime than portable generator.

Portable generators are limited in power and runtime by how much generator fuel you have on-hand. Purchase a generator would be great if you want to use the generator in a long term period . It can supplies power for your equipment and device for more than 12 hours per day .


Yes, one of previous customer purchase a generator and want us to deliver to Miri, Sarawak . Mega Genset Malaysia do deliver to east and west Malaysia with the cheap transportation charges. We hear your problem and we also solve the problem .