Generator Rental & Sale In Kedah

Kedah is a state in northern Malaysia and is well known for its agriculture industry, especially in paddy planting. Having access power sources is crucial. That is why having a generator is a great decision you can make for your business in Malaysia.

With a backup generator, you can protect your farm lands from disruptive power outages. And you can purchase or rent this generator from Mega Genset Malaysia. Backup power generators are necessary for farms and other businesses involved in agricultural production. Investing in a backup generator is just as critical as carrying general insurance policies that cover farm buildings, production equipment and living assets.

It can operate for 24hours continuously if pair 2 MGM Generators together . How it works is the first generator will work for 12 hours and automatically change over and signal the 2nd generator to start and take over the load. That is the versatility of our MGM Generators because they can be connected to each other. So it really suitable for agriculture industry.


As a large capacity industry who depends on a commercial electrical supply for mainstay power, you still need a backup generator for those inevitable moments when the TNB cut down. When your diesel generator kicks in, your operations continue as normal. A backup power generator is a must to operates critical machines whether for planting or harvesting .

If you purchase the generator from us , you will get excellent service quality from our professional technician for free if your generator is under warranty. We will ensure meticulous checkup for your generator to operates in a good condition as well .


Generator rental price depends on different factor including the type, size, engine m0del and many more. If you wonder either you afford to rent the generator or not , we will guide you and suggest thet generator that will work best for you.  We have a various kVA generator that can provide your needs . In fact, if you are curious more about the generator, get in touch with Mega Genset Malaysia.