We provide the supply of generators for ships, vessels and barges for the sea industry. We supply 60kVA100kVA,  200kVA gensets and we also have larger ones should you require. This generator comes  with the optional Auto Transfer Switch  so that the ship can alternate between the Deck Genset and their Ship’s Genset. ATS systems act as a changeover switch between your ship’s genset and the deck’s generator. They detect changes in power and act accordingly to maintain electricity for your ships with the help of a generator.

In addition, an Oversight Module can be added on so that the remote monitoring of the genset can be accessed via a tablet or smartphone app (iOS/Android/Web)  to allow monitoring, notifications, and check the system status. This will reduce your operation and maintenance costs and increase the productivity of your ships. If you are unsure about oversight module you can call and ask us .

You must wondering why you need a generator. If you have a battery in your boat and you could always use an inverter to create alternating current from the battery. This is fine as long as the power consumed is under control 

If you are running any appliances, such as a refrigerator  or any smaller appliances, then you may be need more energy than your battery can supply.

If you choose a generator of appropriate size, then it can easily power all of your appliances without putting any additional strain on the boat’s battery. Simply, generators are a must have item for your boat

If you still unsure about the size , come and call us now . we will give free consultation for you !

Deliver Generator To The Customer

Our previous customer bought a standard generator for his ship. Without hesitation they asked about what size generator he should take and Mega Genset Malaysia calculate all the appliances that connect to power and we suggest him to get our 30kVA MGM Generator with ATS .

To ensure everything will operate smoothly, our technician give 100% efforts in doing installation , testing and commissioning . We will guarantee that customer will satisfied with our MGM brand that comes with latest version . 

We also provide maintenance service anytime when our customer needed us and of course we will charge with low low prices . Mega Genset Malaysia also deliver our customer genset by lorry crane . So, if you are going to buy our genset don’t worry about the transportation , we will fulfill your needs and wants 

Do you need a genset for your tugboat, barges and cargo vessels ?  

Operating a boat required more than just setting up the right devices and appliances above water – a suitable generator is necessary.

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