Backup Gensets For Reefer Container Haulier Trucks

Reefer containers are 20 foot or 40 foot containers that contain its own refrigeration systems. Its job is to ensure that the items inside it stays cool throughout the journey of the truck. Items inside it may be vegetables or meat that is imported or to be exported to other countries.


Power Requirement Of Reefer Containers

More often, these reefer containers contain its own power pack which are batteries that are able to run the compressors for 4 hours or so. Since the battery runs dry during that time, the truck’s own power generation from its small alternator would not be able to supplement the electricity requirement of the reefer container because it is power hungry. As a result, you would need a Backup Generator for Reefer Truck Hauliers.


Generator For Reefer Container Trucks

You can get our MGM Truck Generator which would be able to supplement your reefer container for another 12 hours, should you require. This is supposed to be more than enough time for your reefer container to reach its destination so that it can get power supply from the Mains electricity. The MGM Truck Generator is designed to fit into most trucks and is designed with the optimum generator capacity which is suitable for most reefer containers. They have designed the generator from ground up which includes measuring the suitable size, weight and features. The well thought of features include having external Sockets built into the generator so that you can plug in your reefer plug directly into the MGM Generators. The male socket is also provided as a spare, in case the existing reefer socket is broken or incompatible.



Robustness & Practicality In Design Of MGM Generators

As aforementioned, the generator for the trucks were designed from ground up, hence it is very practical for lorry operators to use the MGM Generators.

The nut and bolts for the generator is provided and it will fit most haulier trucks. The generator is to be placed behind the lorry head as shown in the picture at the top.

The interface of the generator is also strategically located so that the operator can check the generator status. In addition, we also provide a telegram switch which is optional. This allows the operator to turn on the generator from within the driver’s seat in the truck and not needing to get out of the truck. This saves time, effort and is safer for the driver. More features are also available which are too many to mention here.




Finally, we highly recommend getting the MGM Truck Generator for your trucks/hauliers so that you can ensure your customers receive fresh goods due to the reliability of the refrigeration.