Need Additional Power For Bitcoin Mining?

We provide electric generators for bitcoin miners who require extra power for their mining rigs. These power hungry mining setup requires generators which are reliable and able to supply long hours of electricity. Fortunately, our MGM Premium Generators are able to do so because they have built in 12 hour fuel tanks. Generators from our competitors only possess a fuel tank of 8 hours usage only.

How Much Power Do I Need?

First, you would need to check how many miners do you have. Then, decide how many amperes they each require. Sum up all the amperes required for your miners then let us know the figure. We will help you determine the generator size that you require.

Finally, be sure to opt for the external diesel tank if you are lazy to refuel every now and then.

What if I Just Want A Backup Generator For My Miners?

Bitcoin miners continuously generate revenues for the owner. If there is an electricity blackout, your miners will shut down and you lose potential income. To mitigate this, you should get a backup generator where the genset will automatically start by itself whenever there is a power outage. It will also automatically changeover to Mains power when the grid supply is back and automatically shuts down the generator. These actions do not require human intervention. Since you have already invested a large amount of money for your miners, it is natural that you should protect your income by getting a backup generator as well.

Our premium MGM Generators are able to do this. Check out our Online Shop to learn the prices and get one for yourself now.


Best Way To Get Started

If you are on a budget, get the 15kVA MGM Generator which is reasonable in price and will get you started.

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