Our most recent customer who rented our 6kVA Generator to charge drone charger for their paddy field use. We supply them the socket cable to extension plug, so that will be easier for them to use it. Our priority will always to satisfied customer’s need and make things easier for them. Also another customer rented to charge the cordless charger. We will recommend which genset size or model to our customer following with their needs. Helping them to solve one of their problem.

We also will teach them the way to operate, to check and service. Our 6kVA Generator is easy and convenient to operate. Before letting customer to take the genset, we will start the genset to show customer that the genset are good to use. So they do not have to worry that unable to use after that. And it is so convenient because the genset can just fit in any 4x4 vehicle. This generator is from Germany and known as Honda, is so very trusted brand and well build. Also, this Honda brand so famous among contractor and technician who comes from electrician as well. So, we recommended this brand because this brand very good in performance and will not fell into serious damage. Therefore, this 6kVA can supply for 1 set welding machine and small tiny cabin. This generator can supply around 5000watt and can operate maximum 9 hours and not to exceed.