What is a Transformer?

Transformer is a passive component that can transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another, while changing its voltage and current. During this process, the overall electrical power is kept constant. The 2 general type of transformer is step-up transformer and step-down transformer. As the name suggested, for the step-up transformer, it is to increase the voltage. Meanwhile the step-down transformer is to decrease the voltage. But why do we need transformer?

Purpose of a Transformer

As stated, transformer is able to vary the output voltage, which is crucial in a lot of sectors. The most obvious and widely used is in the power distribution system, which is to transfer electricity. To prevent as much losses as it can, step-up transformer will be used to increase the voltage for long distance travelling.  Before the voltage reaches your houses, it will undergoes step-down transformer to decrease the voltage to the rating, in Malaysia, it will be 240V.

Transformer Rental

Now we know clearly that a transformer is able to manipulate the voltage and current, but why do we need to rent transformer? Except for the use of long distance travel, it can allow the electrical appliances to work at its optimal performance. Every electrical appliances have their specification, with a transformer, it is able to change its voltage to perfectly match the electrical appliances, which will highly increase the efficiency usage of electricity. Other than that, some other country uses different kind of voltage rating. For example, USA uses 120V rating. All the electrical appliances from USA have specification of 120V. If we directly connect those product with our socket, it will not work and the inside will be damaged. But with a transformer, we can change the voltage from 240V to 120V, matching the specification of the product.


Transformer is a very useful tool, it allow us to use electricity in daily life, allowing us to use electrical appliances that comes from all around the world. Furthermore, it highly increase the efficiency of voltage usage. So what are you waiting for? Rent your own transformer now!